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  • Popular part-time jobs recent - or not so recent - retirees

    One of the greatest challenges for new retirees is figuring out what to do with all the available time.

    The beauty of retirement is that you don’t have to work at all, and so whatever you decide to do is entirely your call.Retirement can present many with a feeling of uncertainty regarding their purpose now that they've been disconnected from the workforce. The easiest way to combat that feeling is by phasing yourself out gradually. Part-time work is still available in a variety of forms, and it can make you feel productive and valued without taking up all of your hard-earned time off. Some of the more common ways to stay part of a team include:

    • Consulting/freelance work.
      Most companies, especially in an increasingly connected world, will allow these employees to work from home or come into an office on a flexible basis. Whether it's hourly pay or volume-based, these sort of part-time opportunities are frequently available in tenuous economic environments where companies have downsized and would rather outsource than pay someone fulltime, in-house.
    • Research volunteers.
      The pay is sporadic but the opportunities can be plentiful, depending where you live. Universities, government organizations and various businesses are always receiving grants to conduct research, and there's a need for assistance on many levels. People with full-time jobs can't commit to such schedules, leaving retirees as viable candidates to fill the void.
    • Seasonal retail work.
      The obvious play here - and one that's always going to be in demand - is to present yourself as available for hire during the holiday season. There's no shortage of temporary positions that need to be filled at malls, shopping centers and larger retail stores - particularly electronics and department stores that see rushes of foot traffic immediately after Thanksgiving. The tradeoff is that you'll likely be asked to keep unfavorable hours and the job could only last a month or so. Similar opportunities can present themselves at pumpkin patches during September and October, or tree farms in November and December.
    • Professional sports franchises.
      If you're living in an area with more than one pro team, these opportunities are abundant and wide-ranging. Sports teams employ hundreds of arena or stadium workers for every home game for anywhere between three to nine months out of the year, depending on the duration of the season. Duties come in all forms - you can sit and watch the game as an usher or mingle with fans as a vendor - and for those who enjoy the games anyway, it's an ideal part-time option.
    • Customer service.
      Like freelance or consulting gigs, retirees can usually swing these for just a couple days out of the week, possibly from home. The catch, of course, is that you have to maintain a high level of cordiality and be willing to field a lot of complaints and questions for which you may be underprepared.
    • Child care.
      This can encompass everything from nannying and babysitting to teaching and tutoring. The fact is, many parents would prefer to have a capable adult - perhaps one with some parenting experience - in charge of their children for a few hours rather than a teenager. Tutoring positions usually require minimal experience as long as there's a solid knowledge of the subject matter, and can typically be tailored to suit your schedule.
    • The ulterior options.
      The beauty of retirement is that you don't have to work at all, and so whatever you decide to do is entirely your call. You can decide to turn a hobby into a job, get paid for your ability to perform handy work, sell online ad space, apply for nonprofit positions (which usually offer minimal competition) or even negotiate a plan to work your old job on a two- or three-day-a-week basis. The possibilities really are limitless, since your services can be offered purely on your own terms.